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The semicolon is an instance where an author could have ended their sentence but chose not to. It’s a symbol of continuation, that your story is not over. While SEE Something. SAY Something. is all about teen empowerment, #Ink4Amy is a Taos community event.

Many of us have been touched by the recent passing of Project Semicolon founder Amy Bleuel. For that reason, #Ink4Amy is for anyone feeling compelled to take part in a celebration of life.

Our story isn’t over. Join us SUNDAY, APRIL 9 at Taos Mesa Brewery for music, community support and FREE ; tattoos by Dano and Ashley of Magical Tattoos. Then join SEESAY advocates Justis, Jonakee and Madison on-air at 2PM via KNCE 93.5FM during #HEARUS to share YOUR STORY and what the ; means to you!

* 15 to 17 years old – requires IN PERSON parent/guardian consent. NO EXCEPTIONS *

“Just don’t let them forget why I was here, because that’s what’s important.” – AMY BLEUEL

Project Semicolon #Ink4Amy #OurStoryIsntOver Celebrate LIFE. #INK4AMY . . . a celebration of LIFE & COMMUNITY. Our story isn’t over! ; ink on us! #ProjectSemicolon #SEESomethingSAYSomething! 

Checkout our #INK4AMY event page here!

AMY BLEUEL (August 3, 1985 – March 23, 2017)

Hear Us, In Memoriam
Brandy Vela - In Memoriam

We created “See Something. Say Something.” after the loss of 4 of our friends to suicide. It hurt; every loss does. But the loss felt by suicide, especially when the victims aren’t even out of high school, is something completely different.

So when I heard the story of 18 year old Brandy Vela, the Texas Senior who committed suicide a few days ago, my heart broke. Not just for Brandy, but for her family, friends, and my peers who have and might still consider suicide an option. 

Teen suicide is a reality we don’t often talk about; at least not on the level we need to.

Talking about loss isn’t easy but it must be done. And we have to be able to talk about teen suicide, not just after one has happened, but before. No person, teen or otherwise, should be pushed to the point where they feel like they need to end their life.

“See Something. Say Something.” is a campaign, for teens by teens. A campaign not just for the friends we’ve lost, but also for the friends we’re fighting to save. For friends, for family, and for teens like Brandy.

Justis, advocate and friend


Hear Us
I’ve tried to kill myself multiple times and I’m grateful to this day it didn’t work. – HARLO

13 is too young to take your life because you haven’t really lived. You have to push through it and stay positive, it will eventually get better. – LEE ANNE

No matter what somebody out there always loves you. – CONSTANCE

The issue with suicide – they don’t think of the future. When somebody takes their own life at such a young age it hurts the people around them. In the last year I’ve had 5 close friends take their own lives. You can hear what’s going on with them. When somebody comes up to you it’s important to do something about it. If you can see it say it. – DAMIAN

See something. Say something.
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Hear Us
Dear Friend,

I know there are probably multiple reasons why you think that suicide is your only escape from the sadness that makes your life seem empty.

I know that hearing “it gets better” seems like a complete lie, but it isn’t. The worries or issues you have today, will have a solution in the near future. You will find something or someone to shine a beam of light in your life. Everyday you wake up you are giving yourself the chance for things to get better.

A wise teacher once told me that great people must suffer. Perhaps you are suffering today, but that makes you the extraordinary person you are.

As you face the day every morning, don’t focus on the negative. Focus on the things that make you smile and remember I will always be here for you.


Submitted via messenger

Hear Us
Trempealeau Hagios Morninglight left us too soon on July 22nd, 2016. Born in 2001 at Tres Orejas, New Mexico, Trempealeau was a fearless, radiant, brilliant being who will be forever loved and remembered by everyone who knew him.

From his journal, a poem by Susan Christensen:

Let me tell you about a game I play

Where I close my eyes and fade away

I float away to a special place

Beyond the stars and moon and space

In this special place you see

There are only two people – just you and me

In this place, all is right

Nothing but love, and we never fight

In this place, there is no sadness

No cells, no courts, none of that madness

No rules to follow, no laws to break

No bars to hold us or separate

No one to tell us we can’t kiss or touch

I don’t just tell you “I love you” – I show you how much

But eventually the game must end

My eyes must open, and reality sets in

But someday soon – I’m not sure when

I will close my eyes and play my game again