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Hear Us, In Memoriam
Brandy Vela - In Memoriam

We created “See Something. Say Something.” after the loss of 4 of our friends to suicide. It hurt; every loss does. But the loss felt by suicide, especially when the victims aren’t even out of high school, is something completely different.

So when I heard the story of 18 year old Brandy Vela, the Texas Senior who committed suicide a few days ago, my heart broke. Not just for Brandy, but for her family, friends, and my peers who have and might still consider suicide an option. 

Teen suicide is a reality we don’t often talk about; at least not on the level we need to.

Talking about loss isn’t easy but it must be done. And we have to be able to talk about teen suicide, not just after one has happened, but before. No person, teen or otherwise, should be pushed to the point where they feel like they need to end their life.

“See Something. Say Something.” is a campaign, for teens by teens. A campaign not just for the friends we’ve lost, but also for the friends we’re fighting to save. For friends, for family, and for teens like Brandy.

Justis, advocate and friend