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Hear Us, What's Up?
While most Americans were at the polls casting their votes on November 8, #SeeSomethingSaySomething teens were capturing personal narratives from Taos middle and high-school students in support of our new teen suicide prevention campaign.

Witnessing teens shedding tears and fighting for the lives of other teens? Powerful is an understatement!

We know last night’s election came with a few surprises. And as a Person of Color who questions whether my interests (and safety) will be on the agenda of the new administration, I understand how upsetting today can be.

But here’s the deal. To fight for representation and opportunities, we have to be living first. And that’s what our work here is all about. We have much to look forward to. We’re still here able to fight another day.

As Harlo (a suicide attempt survivor) reminded us yesterday, life really is precious. We must keep pushing forward.

Please checkout the encouragement and coping tips shared by our partners at Crisis Text Line. They are right – you got this America!

And we got you . . .

Layla, Seb, Justis, Aryanna, Sabina and Mattias


Hear Us
Dear Friend,

I know there are probably multiple reasons why you think that suicide is your only escape from the sadness that makes your life seem empty.

I know that hearing “it gets better” seems like a complete lie, but it isn’t. The worries or issues you have today, will have a solution in the near future. You will find something or someone to shine a beam of light in your life. Everyday you wake up you are giving yourself the chance for things to get better.

A wise teacher once told me that great people must suffer. Perhaps you are suffering today, but that makes you the extraordinary person you are.

As you face the day every morning, don’t focus on the negative. Focus on the things that make you smile and remember I will always be here for you.


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